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As a congregation of The United Methodist Church, a worldwide community of faith including some 12 million members, we have a system of beliefs which is grounded in Scripture. While Scripture is primary, we further develop our beliefs through the lenses of tradition, reason and experience. This system of beliefs was shaped by John Wesley, a priest in the Church of England who lived during the 18th Century. While remaining true to the centuries-old, foundational beliefs of Christianity, Wesley placed special emphasis on the grace of God – the ways God is constantly at work, seeking us, helping us to know God, and enabling us to develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

In the spirit of that grace, we seek to meet you where you are while challenging you to be all God created you to be. We seek to strike a balance between head and heart. We believe that God moves in personal experiences while, at the same calling us to a lifetime of learning in order to grow in our faith. As followers of Jesus Christ, we gather for worship and, inspired and empowered by that experience, we go forth to serve our community and the world.