DateScripture ReadingSermon Title
February 5, 2023Matthew 5:13-20Fulfillment of Love
January 29, 2023Matthew 5:1-12The Beatitudes
January 22, 2023Matthew4:12-23The Call of the Kingdom
January 15, 2023Matthew 2:1-12Betwixt Kingdom
January 8, 2023Matthew 3:13-17Baptism: Entering Life
January 1, 2023Matthew 2:13-23Reversals of the Kingdom
December 25, 2022Isaiah 52:7-10Living in the Messianic Age
Christmas Eve, 2022Luke 2:1-20Christmas Eve Lessons & Carols
December 18, 2022Isaiah 7:10-16God's Surprising Gift
December 11, 2022Isaiah 35:1-10Hope In Our Tenacious God
December 4, 2022Isaiah 11:1-10Prepare the Way of the Lord
November 27, 2022Matthew 24:36-44Unexpected Hour
November 20, 2022Colossians 1:9-20Reconcile All Things
November 13, 2022Isaiah 65: 17-25Imagine a New Earth
November 6, 20222 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17Firstfruits of Salvation
October 30, 2022Luke 19:1-10In Small Packages
October 23, 20222 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18Beauty of Eventide
October 16, 20222 Timothy 3:14-4:5Ministry to the Fullest
October 9, 20222 Timothy 1:1-14The Most Cherished Treasure
October 2, 2022Mark 4:2-9 (ESV)Lay Leader: "Good Soil"
September 25, 2022Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15Investment in Anathoth
September 18, 2022Jeremiah 8:18-9:1Spiritual Community of Healing
September 11, 2022Jeremiah 18:1-11In an Artist's Hand
September 4, 2022Jeremiah 2:4-13Springs & Cisterns of Living Water
August 28, 2022Psalm 81:1, 10-16Hymn Sing Sunday
August 21, 2022Jeremiah 1:4-10A Young Prophet
August 14, 2022Isaiah 5:1-8A Love Song for My Beloved Vineyard
August 7, 2022Isaiah 1:10-20Rational Justice
July 31, 2022Hosea 11:1-11The Summer of Living Biblically: Kindness Leads Us to Repentance
July 24, 2022Hosea 1:2-10The Summer of Living Biblically: Ruhamah and Ammi
July 17, 2022Ruth 1-4The Play of Ruth
July 10 , 2022Colossians 1:1-14Giving Thanks for Dranesville!
July 3, 20222 Kings 5:1-14The Summer of Living Biblically: The Secular Encountering the Sacred
June 26, 2022Galatians 5:1, 13-25Freedom Refined
June 12, 2022John 16: 12-15Divine Wisdom
June 19, 20221 Kings 19:1-15aThe Concealed Eternity
June 5, 2022Acts 2: 1-21The Spirit for Enchanted Faith
May 29, 2022John 17: 20-26Hymn Sing this Sunday
May 22, 2022Acts 16:9-15Good Holy Pressure
May 15, 2022Acts 11: 1-18The Expansion of the Reign of God
May 8, 2022John 10:22-30The Recovery of Hearing
May 1, 2022John 21:1-19Feed My Sheep
April 24, 2022John 20:19-31Thomas the Mystic
April 17, 2022
Easter Sunday
John 20:11-18Who Are We Looking For?
April 10, 2022
Palm Sunday
Luke 19:28-44Hosanna: Prayer of Deliverance
April 3, 2022John 12: 1-8We Were Like those Who Dream
March 27, 2022Luke 15:11-32Our Father's Home
March 20, 2022Luke 13:1-9The Giving Trees in God's Vineyard
March 13, 2022Luke 13:31-35Not Complete Unknown
March 6, 2022Luke 4:1-13A Season in the Wilderness
March 2 2022
Ash Wednesday
Joel 2:1-2, 12-17,
2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
As We Walk Toward Jerusalem
February 27 2022Luke 9:28-42Faithful Generation
February 20 2022Luke 6:27-38Expect Nothing and Appreciate Everything
February 13 2022Luke 6:17-266Blessings and Woes
February 6 2022Luke 5:1-11The Call
January 30 2022Luke 4:21-30Love at Nazareth's Edge
January 23 2022Nehemiah 8:1-10Strengthening God's People
January 9 2022Luke 3:15-22The Beloved of God
January 2 2022Ephesians 3:1-12 The Mystery of the Impossible
January 16 2022John 2:1-11Wine for Celebration
December 26 2021Colossians 3:12-17 The Gift that Keeps On Giving
December 24 2021
Christmas Eve
Isaiah 9:2-7For the Love of Christmas
December 5 2021Luke 1:68-79By the Tender Mercy of God
November 28 2021Luke 21:25-36Travails of Hope
October 10 2021Job 19:13-27 My Redeemer Lives
October 3 2021Job 3:11-16Compassion for the Unrighteous
September 26 2021James 5:13-20 Elijah's Prayer
September 19 2021Proverbs 31:10-31Wise Love Over Foolish Sin
September 12 2021 Proverbs 1:20-33Uncommon Sense
September 5 2021Mark 7:24-30Jesus, a Stranger in a Strange Land
August 29 2021Song of Songs 2:8-13Voice of the Beloved
August 22 20211 Kings 8:22-30Will God Dwell on Earth?
August 15 2021John 6:51-58Living Bread
August 8 2021Ruth 4:1-12Stepping Up
August 1 2021Ruth 3:1-10Risky Business of Building Community
July 25 2021Ruth 2:1-12May the Lord be With You
July 18 2021Ruth 1:15-18Uncommon Connections
July 11 2021Ruth 1:1-6Believing Again
July 4 2021Psalm 34:1-8God Is Good!?
June 27 2021Mark 5:21-43Do Not Fear, Only Believe
June 20 2021Mark 4:35-41Why Are You Afraid?
June 13 2021Mark 4:26-34Growth in Kingdom
June 6 2021Mark 3:20-35The Household of God
May 30 2021John 3:1-17The Wind Blows Where It Chooses
May 23 2021John 15:26-27 ; John 16:4-15The Spirit of Truth Will Guide You
May 16 2021John 17:6-19That They May Be One
May 9 2021John 15:9-17No Greater Love
May 2 2021John 15:1-8Pruned to Bear More Fruit
April 25 2021John 10:11-18One Flock, One Shepherd
April 18 2021Luke 24:36b-48Why Do Doubts Arise?
April 11 2021John 20:19-31Through Believing You May Have Life
April 4 2021John 20:1-18He Is Going Ahead of You
March 28 2021Mark 11:1-11The Lord Needs It
March 21 2021John 12:20-33Drawing All People to Him
March 14 2021John 3:14-21Not Condemned, but Saved
March 7 2021John 2:13-22Missing the Point
February 28 2021Mark 8:31-38Losing and Saving
February 21 2021Mark 1:9-15Into the Wilderness
February 14 2021Mark 9:2-9It Is Good for Us to Be Here
February 7 2021Mark 1:29-39Out to a Deserted Place
January 31 2021Mark 1:21-28What Is This?
January 24 2021Mark 1:14-20Immediately They Left
January 17 2021John 1:43-51We Have Found Him
January 10 2021Mark 1:4-11 I Am Well Pleased
January 03 2021Matthew 2:1-12By Another Way
December 27 2020Luke 2:22-40Revelation and Glory
December 24 2020Luke 2:1-20Sing of His Birth
December 20 2020Luke 1:26-38How Can This Be?
December 13 2020John 1:6-8 ,19-28Testify
December 6 2020Mark 1:1-8Prepare the Way
November 29 2020Mark 13:24-37Be Alert!
November 22 2020Matthew 25:31-46 Doing to the Least
November 15 2020Matthew 25:14-30The Joy of Your Master
November 8 2020Matthew 25:1-13I Don't Know You
November 1 2020Psalm 77Lament and Hope
October 25 2020Matthew 22:34-46 Which Is the Greatest?
October 18 2020Matthew 22:15-22Give to Caesar...Give to God
October 11 2020Matthew 22:1-14Everything Is Ready
October 4 2020Matthew 21:33-46When the Owner Comes...
September 27 2020Matthew 21:23-32Who Does God's Will?
September 20 2020Matthew 20:1-16Divine Wages
September 13 2020Matthew 18:21-35How Often Should I Forgive?
September 6 2020Matthew 18:15-20I Am There
August 30 2020Matthew 16:21-28Stumbling Blocks
August 23 2020Matthew 16:13-20Standing at the Gates
August 16 2020Matthew 15:10-28Listen and Understand
August 9 2020Matthew 14:22-33Take Heart
August 2 2020Matthew 14:13-21Bring Them Here to Me
July 26 2020Matthew 13:31-33,44-52The Kingdom Is Like…
July 19 2020Matthew 13:24-30,36-43Wheat and Weeds
July 12 2020Matthew 13:1-9,18-23Seeds and Soils
July 5 2020Matthew 11:16-19,25-30Rest for Your Souls
June 28 2020Matthew 10:40-42When You Pray
June 21 2020Matthew 10:24-39Not Peace, but a Sword
June 14 2020Matthew 9:35-10:23The Harvest Is Plentiful
June 7 2020Matthew 28:16-20Go..Baptizing…and Teaching…and Remember
May 31 2020John 7:37-39"Let Anyone Who Is Thirsty Come"
May 24 2020John 17:1-11"That They May Know You"
May 10 2020John 14:1-14"Greater Works Than These"
May 17 2020John 14:15-21"I Will Not Leave You"
May 3 2020John 10:1-10"Hearing His Voice"
April 26 2020Luke 24:13-35"Being Made Known"
April 19 2020John 20:19-31"So That You May Come To Believe"
April 12 2020Matthew 28:1-10"You Will See Him"
April 5 2020Matthew 21:1-11"Who Is This"
March 29 2020John 11:1-45"So That You May Believe"
March 22 2020John 9:1-41I Was Blind, Now I See
March 15 2020John 4:5-42Living Water
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