In this country, some 65 million adults are serving as unpaid caregivers.  In the congregation, probably half or more of our members are caregivers.  Our roles may involve caring for a loved one who lives under our roof or it may be caring at a distance.  The care receiver may be a parent, a spouse, sibling, adult child, or some other family member.  As a person who has been and continues to be a caregiver in a couple capacities, I can tell you that the work of a caregiver is not easy.  We are often dealing with situations which we could not anticipate and for which we have little or no training.  This can be frustrating and exhausting.  Sometimes we feel almost as if we have so much to do, no one to help us, and no idea of where to go or what to do in order to get help.  It is easy to become stressed out.

          For a few years we had a caregiver support group which had two purposes – to provide information and access to resources to assist caregivers and provide a safe place for caregivers to unburden themselves of the stresses with which they were dealing.  As some of the caregiving relationships changed, the need for the group went away.  The time has come to revive the group.

          Meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

          The format of the group will focus on the caregiver and what we can do to just be there for him or her. Everyone can share their current situation and challenges they are facing.  If assistance with resources is requested, that will be met; but otherwise we will concentrate on being that safe space where we can go to be supported and encouraged. 

          If you are a caregiver, I hope you will join us.  If you know of someone who is, please pass the information along.

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